Do Your Own Radio Promotion with Our Help !

You dont need to hire anyone to help you get your music on the Radio; Get Radio Airplay on Your Own !


Taylor: Radio Submissions

Do Your Own Radio Promotion with Our Help !

For Musicians who want Our Professional Guidance while promoting themselves we developed our DIY DO IT YOURSELF Campaign:

1) We print the Best Radio Station Addresses ( based on your style of music ) on peel off stickers
2) We give you the Radio Station’s contact info in HTML
3) We give you Months of Guidance on every subject

DIY Do It Yourself Radio Campaign Fee: $ 800.

CUSTOM CD & RETURN ADDRESS Stickers: $ 200. or you can make them yourselves. )
1) CD Marketing Stickers ( Custom Designed for your release )
2) Return Address Stickers ( Custom Designed for your release )

Our Consultation covers all of the following subjects:

~ PICK 1st SINGLE for Campaign

~ SONG INTRO CHANGES for Commercial Radio

– ARTWORK IMAGES, Pro Wording & Branding

~ PUBLICITY in 2017 has changed, Do Not Waste Money

~ VIDEOS: Too Expensive & Bad Concepts for 2017

~ INTERVIEWS: Radio, TV, Social & Print

~ Mixing Advice, before Mastering

~ Products ( CD, Merch ) Production Details

~ Booking, Touring & Performance Coaching
~ Sales: Music & Merch
~ Song Order
~ Advertising Content & Copy Layout
~ Publishing

* $ 100. Deposit is applied to any future work.


Taylor: Submissions
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