TAXI 2016: DJ Trotsky, Rachelle, Flanagan, Brandon & Debra

World Peace Made Easy;

If they are killing to gain entrance to heaven then letting them know there is No heaven will stop them in their plans !

so easy but no-one asks me….


DAN BROWN is great, luckily David Angsten fills my Dan Brown reading need. Great Fast paced action BUT it’s the historical, cultural, mythological information he uncovers that make Angsten’s books more interesting than other adventure novels. Angsten is obviously well educated & mentored by masters as he touches on life subjects while his interesting & fun characters get into wild, complex situations. Angsten asks about spirituality but not in a corny way, like in an exploratory way ( like Twain ? ). I just read the other reviews: They ALL love Angsten & say the same thing: READ DAVID ANGSTEN, you will not be disappointed, it will be a fun ride !
– a new fan, Jon Flanagan


– The difference in song order is minimal

– the PBS crowd ( me ) has more patience than Top 40 twelve year olds, they will be fine with current song order

– funds saved in re-order can be used to further the National & International Exposure of the current product ( I have strong Japanese Sales Connections but I need to pitch it to them ).

Seems like Sound Thinking to Me, but I believe in the Brain Power of the B-Complex so….