Video & Radio Promotion

Video & Radio Promotion

Many Videos & Photos are well shot but do not highlight the musician’s main strengths, meaning the video or photo is not helpful with marketing the key selling points. The concept of the video & photos should be chosen carefully, leaving personal biases aside in favor of business marketing.

Example; a video can tell the story of the song’s lyrics but does not leave the viewer with any clear, lasting image of the musician’s unique marketing elements or qualities.

Unfortunately, project insiders & friends ( directors, camera people, etc ) cannot be trusted to tell the truth about a project’s contents for fear of upsetting fragile people. “ You can be honest with me “ will not provide the truth, everyone is scared of hurting someone’s feelings. Even Industry Professionals will often not criticize for fear of future repercussions.

Bottom Line; get outside pro advice before moving forward with ideas & especially purchases.

Jon Flanagan
Radio Promotions & Image Branding