Radio Promotion Companies Strategies Explained:

Radio Promotion Companies Strategies Explained:

Standard Radio Promotion Companies offer a client a short term fee ( 4-6 Weeks ) so the client does not have to pay much at the start. This plan is not the best because since the promoter only has a limited budget to start with they cannot start strong. To achieve the best momentum it’s best to start Strong. This is why Flanagan’s Radio Promotion Campaign Plan starts with an understanding that it is at least a 3 Month Process to achieve Maximum Momentum ( even 4-6 Months ). National Charting Campaigns especially need a Full, Strong Start because of all the spins that have to be coordinated. Start Early, Fund Early & Get Great Momentum !

Flanagan Radio Promotions works with Independent Artists, We are an Indie Promotion Company.

TAXI: ” Flanagan Promotions provides Trustworthy Radio Promotion.”
We Promote AAA, HOT AC & MODERN ROCK Artists.
AAA refers to AAA Singer Songwriters.
Modern Rock Promotion, also known as Alternative or Alt Rock or Rock Music Promotion to Rock Radio.
We also Promote Hot AC, AC, & Pop Music to achieve National Radio Charting.
We are a Full Service Music Promotion Company but Radio Airplay Promotions is our Specialty.
College Radio Airplay is easiest to achieve by College Radio Promotion Companies.
The Top Promotion Companies are also the Top Music Promotion Companies.
Radio Consultants and Radio Quarterbacks services overlap & We function as both, guiding the project to Radio Airplay.
We also provide Musician Coaching, Interview Coaching and CD Duplication & Artwork Consultation.


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