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Brazil; 3/4ths of senate is under indictment for Petrobras bribes so they overthrow the worker’s party to eliminate their indictments

talked to venezuelan who said Chavez & Military took all the nationalized money & gave pennies to the poor….Maduro too…strange though; I’ve never seen any greedy dictator build massive public housing & give so much to the poor…does not fit…AND there are people in USA who think bad of socialist Bernie Sanders so maybe this person’s perspective is wrong ?

Syria: Greatest Urban Renovation Plan ever achieved ( outside of Nero burning the Christians out to build his palace ). Assad bombs the poor, makes them leave Syria for europe & all bombing the buildings is just demolishing for new condos !


Radio & Politics

Radio & Politics ; A Powerful Platform

what’s Flanagan saying up there ?

nice song but at this pivotal time ( 4th Qtr being Oct, Nov, Thanksgiving & Christmas Holiday Driving Seasons this is not a song worth any more time now.

Again, a full cd ( or 6 song ep ) has little value in 2016, it’s all about singles in these days of spotify & iTunes.

The plan even for Million $ acts is Promoting One Single for 4-6 Months & then promoting a 2nd single.

Suggest finish One first & get the Discmaker’s order in & see if you can finish a 2nd while they are starting your CD order.

But You Are the Boss & maybe this plan is not what you want ?

Always Trying to Help,

Now that I hear you have TWO strong radio singles I think the best plan for your career is to RUSH DUPLICATE the 2 tracks on 400 discs ( or 150 if budget is tight ? ) & mail to Radio* asap for Airplay during Oct, Nov & the Thanksgiving Holiday into Christmas Holiday Driving Seasons.

Career wise, it’s best to get your name out there asap because building recognition / a ‘Brand Name’ takes years of steady releases BUT !!!! I think these 2 awesome singles are going to bring your name to recognition faster than most.

ESPECIALLY with the name KRUSE, so close to Alison Krauss, so the recognition factor will be there too ( more like confusion factor ! ).

* AAA Commercial & Public Radio / Americana Radio / Folk Radio still want hard copies but only max 300 needed there so you could get 400 ( 100 for your internal needs, sales at shows ) ?

just fyi Amazon will make individual CDs per order. Only fanatics ( & your friends ) will buy Full CDs in 2016.

Download Cards are handy.