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A bit about the official version of the song (rock-pop/alt rock category):

Producers: Kalen Chase (Korn) / Dan Johnson

Mixed and mastered by Kato Khandwala (Blondie, Pretty Reckless, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, etc.)


1.) Grew up on a boat in Carolina Beach, NC in my “early years.” Originally named after Bob Dylan/Dylan Thomas. Raised in a musical/film family, toured the southeast with my parents and sister singing Appalachian old-time music and songs my mom had written (along with a whole bunch of native animals that travelled with us in cages she taught children about haha.) My grandfather and parents have a band called “Bloomsbury.”

2.) Played classical piano since I was six and eventually went to college for two years for piano performance and film studies. It was there I gained confidence in my original music I had been writing since I was in a fourth grade all girl garage band. So I decided to take some time off from school and hone my skills and perform (I was also sick for three years with an immune disorder so I physically couldn’t continue school but that’s a whole other story, don’t know if that’s important)

3.) Other things I do…Scored a few short films throughout the years and scored my first feature film in 2012, “Don’t Know Yet.” (My dad was the writer/director). I also directed a short documentary, “Roller Girls,” which won Crowd Favorite in the Cucalorus Film Festival.

3.) Moved out to Los Angeles early 2015. So overwhelmed since I was from a small town! Now I’m on scholarship at Musicians Institute for Bachelors in Vocal Performance and love my new music community and LOVE LA!

4.) My influences are Muse, Rachmaninoff, Jeff Buckley, Florence & The Machine, Queen, Danny Elfman, Andrew Lloyd Webber. In my solo gigs where it is just me and my piano, I am often compared to Lady Gaga, Tori Amos, and Regina Spektor.

5.) Here is what I have written already for a bio and what Mad Gallica is about –

Let me know if there is anything else you need. If you’d like to talk sometime this week after listening to the demo – if the demo is enough to give you a rough idea – I am free tomorrow after 3pm and Saturday afternoon/evening. Otherwise next week works, too.

Radio Loves New Artists !