Radio Gets Scary BOO !

I bought one of my 5 site names through, & then within their system you create the WordPress site which you can move anytime to another company

template is easy
copy & paste your small content

I bet 5 hours of work & you’ll own

I called their 480-505-8877 support line & they spent HOURS walking me through everything, they are not on commission & there are 1,000’s of tech support


imagine that it’s a busy person looking & they are going to get a phone call in 4 seconds;

you have 4 seconds for them to see the 4 key points;
-play button

I have some BIG names in Radio looking at the site & it’s close to being real good;


– his name covers his face

( can name be top left & buttons top right ? )

– let’s put my company quote below his name

– “ Coming…” always quote marks on songs


New Single: “ Coming….

– let’s put the RESIDENCY sentence below that


-that quote is Gabe’s best press quote so far so place under his name

-pls change; He is not working on the launch, that would be unimpressive

-at 16 yrs of age…

Check out the website now . . .

thoughts . . .

last email until Dracula !

thought u should know; they hacked his PayPal & THEN into his Wells Fargo connected & withdrew from Wells ! from 2 accts ! ( obviously linked ) Wells reimbursed him. I called PayPal & a 3 yr assoc said never heard of that & then answered me that PP holds money in their business acct but it’s not a bank so it’s not FDIC. no reply necc, know you’re busy….

TOP 40 CHART as seen at

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GABE POSADA: 16yr old Guitar Shredder from Austin;

“ Modern Classic Rock Sound w/ a Punk Attitude !
channelling Billy Duffy, Hendrix & Stevie Ray “ R&R

-Indie Record Deal on the table

-Residency: Cooper’s Llano Lounge, Austin

Radio Launch Nationwide; single “ COMING OUT SWINGING “ !