Great Musicians often have Amateur Products with Marketing Errors



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” Flanagan’s Consultation saved us from wasting money in wrong directions ! ” -A.Ellis

We Want to help you get all your details correct so you’re 1st Impression is professional.

We like to get a chance to give you our advice early to avoid marketing mistakes & to Help Make Your Project as Great as It Can Possibly Be with What Industry Professionals Need to See !

*ARTWORK, IMAGES, WORDING & LAYOUT influence if your music is listened to or not & show your level of experience & expertise.

*MIXING & SONG INTRO ADVICE from our Grammy Winning Mixer / Engineer can enhance sound for Commercial Radio.

Our $ 100. Consultation covers all of the following subjects, We Will Advise on Your Best Plans, Not Old Ideas from pre-Spotify !


~ SONG INTRO CHANGES for Commercial Radio

– ARTWORK IMAGES, Pro Wording & Branding

~ PUBLICITY reviews for indies ? Do Not Waste Money

~ VIDEOS: Too Expensive & Bad Concepts

~ INTERVIEWS: Radio, TV, Social & Print

~ Mixing Advice, before Mastering
~ Products & Merch Production Details
~ Booking, Touring & Performance Coaching
~ Sales: Music & Merch
~ Song Order
~ Advertising Content & Copy Layout
~ Publishing

* $ 100. is applied to any radio campaign.

During our Consultations we are often asked for help with artist interviews, setting them up or coaching the musician on the best answers as opposed to discussing favorite colors. Here is an article / post about our work on artist interviews:



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