Hillary 2016 !

Radio Promotion for Halloween Night

Radio Promotion for Halloween Night

FOX news is paid for by corporations who do not want govt restrictions on their oil & coal emissions & fracking & drilling ( Oil Spills ? )— Trump has screwed over so many contractors & USA taxpayers; that’s why he won’t show his taxes – only the dumb in america are voting for trump; only 25% americans vote so he could win – Hillary has worked her whole life for the poor & women & the pharmaceutical & health companies hate her taking their profits & have been lying about her for 40 years; & the liars are winning; we do not begrudge her having a side foundation & that she is a multi-millionaire; She Earned It ! …..50 days to go, the smart people in america are concerned….& that’s it from across the Pond !

after americans demonstrated against Vietnam & stopped the war & lockheed & raytheon lost Trillions of dollars in future bomb charges

( 200,000,000 bombs were dropped on laos, cambodia, at $ 300,000. per bomb charged to american tax payers; me ! )

then the Rand corp & others purposely dumbed down american students & population to keep them out of politics so they would not vote & then FOX news was born….whew….

ps my University of Calif. Thesis was titled: ‘ How to Stop Corporations from taking over the rest of the World ‘; the answer is community organizing….

We are a well financed, independent act. Rich Ezra introduced me to Jon in 2000 when I owned Unsigned Music Network in Burbank (1995-2004). Our Music has been mastered by Gateway Mastering (Bob Ludwig company) and recorded at Vegas View Recording.

Are we radio friendly? Good question. If radio listened to our fan base, yes! We have our own stories concerning our own radio exploits. Also, we are probably not your normal “new act,” client. From production to marketing we are not only finding success, currently, but have many success stories from past projects. Our work load has become such that we need help.

Currently, “Jacki Stone” has garnered a following within the alternative social network, “MassRoots.” Two weeks ago we rented our own venue here in San Diego and promoted the show ourselves which, saw 2700 tickets sold (two thousand seven hundred). No middle man, we had our own Insurance policy, security and concession vendors, as well as, 5% of the parking.

We did not sell CD’s, rather we bubbled 2500 1GB flash drives at $15.00 each. Yes, we sold out.

As you can see/hear we reluctantly seem to be following a Phish, Wide Spread Panic, Tedeschi Trucks Band type of model. With that said, we would like to see if we could impact radio. We have our reasons why the secondary market in California interests us the most. We are also not too interested in College radio. If their signal reaches past the campus, then maybe.

The “Jacki Stone” band is a throw back to the days of Joe Cocker’ Grease Band and the great bands of Leon Russell. Jacki herself has a non-traditional, original sounding, straight up tenor voice. At 24 years old, she has it together. The musicians make up are ex-Musician Institute Grads and teachers. All of whom have major credits.

We have recently struck down our internet presence at https://www.jackistone.com as we revamp everything digital and try to orchestrate one big campaign.

We have fully trademarked our “statement” song’ title “California is Country, Too®” California is Country, Too, will not be the first single that we push even though it is a loud bombastic assault on the Country genre along with being a crowd favorite. The overall vibe of the band is a Hot AC acoustic band with 70’s throwback rock songs sprinkled in. Yes, straight up Americana with a rock edge.

I am looking for a campaign along the lines of the Texas Music model where a “radio tour” is concerned. Being from Texas myself, and coming out of the Austin Music scene when Austin still had one, I found this approach to be highly successful.

We are currently starting production on 5 videos with “California is Country, Too®” being the most ambitious as we will travel from one end of California to another with 100 locations all edited in a four minute song and shot in 4K. This would be a perfect time for a radio tour lending itself to good stories for the radio. As you might see, we are in no hurry and methodical.

Picking a song is tough as there are fan favorites, band favorites and the ones that seem so “pop” oriented that we ourselves cringe. Please find lyrics, a couple of photo’s, and the music attached.

1. Over the Cliff- Up beat with dark lyrics. Our most “formula” song where radio is concerned
2. The Dance- One of the bands Favorite-Up beat with an Americana vibe. Allegoric for life.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to your response.